An Important Message for All Visitors

June 29, 2015

Dear Readers,

My apologies to all of you who have tried to contact me here in the past. Please know that I so happily would have responded, but as I just learned, my server treated all of your messages as spam and deleted them. I have changed the server, and the problem is resolved. I am, of course, heartsick at having missed your messages, and I hope you'll contact me again in the future, either here on my website or via Facebook.

All best wishes,


Selected Works

“Evans is a masterful storyteller. Simultaneously funny, menacing, and wise, As Good As Dead is her finest novel to date.”
—Bharati Mukherjee, author of Miss New India
“A troubling, addictive collection.”
New York Times
“Brings readers through a gamut of emotional experiences and leaves them wiser at the close.”
Denver Post
"One of the Best Books of the Year"
Los Angeles Times Book Review
"Very much a Great American Novel."
Washington Post Book World
Short Stories
–from Ploughshares, Spring, 2014, Volume 40, No. 1

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