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Welcome to the website of Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans's latest novel, As Good As Dead, is now available in stores and online via IndieBound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Evans's previous books include the novels Rowing in Eden (HarperCollins), Carter Clay (HarperCollins), and The Blue Hour (Algonquin), and the short story collections Suicide's Girlfriend (HarperCollins) and Locomotion (New Rivers). For links to each book, please visit the Works tab above.

About As Good As Dead

At the highly competitive Iowa Writers’ Workshop, small-town Charlotte is thrilled and confounded by charismatic and sophisticated Esmé. One moment Esmé is Charlotte’s best friend; the next, Esmé shuns her. After a tumultuous weekend, Charlotte’s insecurities and her resentment toward Esmé’s bewildering behavior reach a fever pitch. Charlotte betrays Esmé, unwittingly unleashing a cascade of future calamities.

Twenty years later, Charlotte is a successful novelist, enjoying a quiet life with her beloved husband. When a much-changed Esmé shows up on her doorstep, Charlotte must revisit the past she grieved over, and believed buried. Though Charlotte yearns to redeem the old friendship and her transgression, she is wary, and rightly so. Esmé makes no mention of Charlotte’s old betrayal, but her dinner invitation leads to a “request” that forces Charlotte to make an agonizing decision.

As Good As Dead performs an exquisitely tuned psychological high-wire act as it explores the dangers that lie in wait when trust is poisoned by secrets and fears.