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As Good As Dead

“Evans writes with the mesmerizing art of Scheherazade during her one thousand and one nights.”

—Robb Forman Dew, author of Being Polite to Hitler

“A compulsively page-turning novel. Blackmail! Back-stabbing! You will be as good as sleepless until you turn the last page.”

—Julie Schumacher, author of Dear Committee Members

“With crystalline detail, Evans draws obsessive and seductive characters that make a passel of trouble for themselves—and for each other…Simply superb.”

—Ann Cummins, author of Yellowcake

“Evans expertly captures the psychology of females who were both friends and rivals on every level, from writing to men. A suspenseful atmosphere and insightful writing are at the heart of this well-crafted novel.”


“This intelligent and literary psychological novel from Evans creatively explores what happens when secrets, betrayal, and trust issues arise in a friendship and in a marriage.”

Library Journal

Suicide's Girlfriend: A Novella and Short Stories

“A troubling, addictive collection.”

New York Times

“[The] taut prose, tough talk and occasional forays into emotional and physical violence crackle.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Impressive… Careful storytelling and artfully disjointed prose distinguish these quiet, deceptively simple fictions.”

Publishers Weekly

“A troubling, addictive collection.”

New York Times

“[The] taut prose, tough talk and occasional forays into emotional and physical violence crackle.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Heartbreaking and subtle, these stories illuminate moments of sexuality, adoration, and dumb cruelty with an accuracy that seems nearly miraculous. These are the kind of stories that make you think: ‘Oh yes. Life’s just like that. Thank God somebody got it down in print.’ Elizabeth Evans is a writer of enormous talent, using her art to make sense of our world.”

—Bonnie Friedman, author of Surrendering Oz

"It scarcely seems possible that Elizabeth Evans can know all she does know about the world, and even more astonishing is her ability to navigate among so many sensibilities with ease and elegance. Her authority is brilliant and absolute, and her amazing tales are a therefore a great gift to any reader…Suicide’s Girlfriend is a wonderful collection and is another remarkable achievement by one of the best writers we have."

—Robb Forman Dew, author of Being Polite to Hitler

“Elizabeth Evans is a rare and masterful storyteller—compassionate, whip-smart, and funny. In these stories, she combines razor-sharp linguistic magic with breathtaking expansivity in order to articulate that elusive, tricky place in between what is spoken and what is left unsaid where truly great fiction resides.”

—Maud Casey, author of Frantic and The Shape of Things to Come

“Elizabeth Evans’s voice is unique, simultaneously whimsical and poignant. These stories—insightful and unpredictable, informed by magic and empathy and laughter—are exquisite models of the art of storytelling.”

—Janice Eidus, author of The Celibacy Club, The War of the Rosens, and Vito Loves Geraldine

Rowing in Eden

“Evans knows the language of teenage confusion well, and Franny's resiliency is appealing… Evans creates a textured portrait of one family's painful acclimation to changing sexual mores.”

Publishers Weekly

“Evans has done a remarkable job in weaving a deeply colored and textured tapestry of images and emotions… The vividness of the setting makes the human drama all the more poignant… Evans has written an anthem for failed romantics.”


“Brings readers through a gamut of emotional experiences and leaves them wiser at the close.”

Denver Post

Carter Clay

"Carter Clay is thrilling in its enormous ambition and intelligence. Elizabeth Evans is a fearless writer. After reading this novel, I’m convinced that there’s nothing that she can’t do."

–Ann Patchett, author of State of Wonder

"One of the Best Books of the Year."

Los Angeles Times Book Review

"While many novelists emulate Feodor Dostoevski, Elizabeth Evans actually approaches his brilliance in Carter Clay, a tense, psychological page-turner that resonates on many levels."

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Blue Hour

"The Blue Hour is about the marketing and consumption of values and is very much a Great American Novel…one of those rare novels one finishes with the sense of having needed to read it."

Washington Post Book World

"The Blue Hour is about an America we all remember, the pain we all wish to deny, and the exquisite, expensive habit of familial love. Elizabeth Evans recalls the intimate negotiations of family with such care and intricacy that one feels anew the wonder and the terror of being a child and having parents."

—Robert Boswell, author of Tumbledown